An orange coloured Astin. Notice the eye on the side... Homeworld: Gyxor Height: 5ft (around 1.5 meters)

We, we are what the gods wanted, a creation so pure it reaches their level. And to honor them, we must spread, and once we rule over this world, we shall seek others...
- Kardo-Wunom'kzing

Astins are doglike carnivorians from Gyxor, who have recently developed sapience.


Astins are doglike carnivores on top of the food chain of the planet of Gyxor, they recently began to walk on 2 legs. They have 1 pair of eyes(situated on the side of their head)which has a reptilian-like pupil, a white iris and their whites are black. They were able to climb the food chain through several visible benefits:

  • -Eyes: Their eyes are situated on the side of their head to have a bigger field of view, despite this it does not detoriate it's eyesight.
  • -Hearing: They have excellent hearing wich makes them good predators and even better evaders.
  • -Body shape: They recently began to stand up and walk. But before this they simply ran on 4 legs chasing their preys. They also use the claws on their feet to have a grip, their hands were used to climb.
  • -Skin: Their skin is slightly covered with scales to protect themselves against weaker attacks(claws, teeth, etc), these scales vary from region to region(some are purple, green, red, orange, white-these have fur aswell-, black, gray and brown), some scales also tend to adapt themselves to their surroundings.


Astins mostly eat Cawnacs as they provide much proteins, fat, calcium and energy. The calcium is needed to keep their bones strong. They need to eat much a day for they burn fat at a fast rate. They also tend to eat Csirkes(for their high amount of proteins)and Thumplifs(for their high amount of fat)

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Astin have a great desire for culture, excisting and new ones.


The Astin use a language wich is hard to understand, but due to advanced t.


After the Astins gained sapiency some of the pack-leaders decided to settle themselves


The Astins have ranks/castes wich is being added at the end of their name.

  • 'xsol(ixsol)=excile
  • 'tsol(etsol)=citisen(lower class)
  • 'nze(anze)=citizen
  • 'kzing(ikzing)=social elite(rich guy/snobs)
  • 'ika(taika)=politician
  • 'fung(unfung)=planet ruler
  • 'ignzo(gnignzo)=nation ruler
  • 'zvo(ezvo)=council member
  • 'zva(uzva)=soldier
  • 'razva(urazva)=elite soldier
  • 'irez(airez)=medic
  • 'kras(ikras)=corporal
  • 'serts(oserts)=sergeant
  • 'na(ona)=lieutenant(for ships)
  • 'iona(oiona)=field-lieutenant
  • 'trix(utrix)=captain(for ships)
  • 'ichtrix(uichtrix)=field-captain
  • 'kliz(oskliz)=colonel
  • 'zaarts(uzaarts)=general
  • 'qiyux(iqiyux)=admiral
  • 'magna(omagna)=marshal


The Astin have a small amounts of laws:

  • No crime
  • Pay your taxes
  • etc
  • blablabla
  • common day troubles


The Astin wear all kinds of clothing.

The soldiers wear armour wich covers their whole body.


The Astin do not have a religious belief(anymore).


Main Article - Astin Technology

IX- Intragalactic

Militairy doctrineEdit

The Astin have troops, these can be found on the page of the Unified Gyxorian Alliance.


Gyxorian Ice Ages

Astin Medieval Era

Gyxorian Modern Era

Relations with other racesEdit

  • Liberus: The first race they encountered. relation: Neutral/allied.
  • Auctors: The second race to discover the UGA, as expected they immediatly fired. relation: neutral/at war.
  • Dwellers: The third race to meet the newcomer of the Viperius galaxy. The Dwellers did not do much except from greeting them and presenting themselves. relation: neutral.

Notable AstinsEdit

  • Ythum-Vro'ika(pronounced: Ythum-Vrotaika), An alpha-male who was capable of killing a Ovgul with only the loss of his brother.
  • Nrus-Trif'ika(pronounced: Nrus-Triftaika), An alpha-women who joined 3 packs, attacked and destroyed an Ovgul nest.

Important cities/locationsEdit


Yhrut'Vas nuzol: Capitol of the first unified region(Mulzig), founded by Gumip-Wulbi'ignzo(pronounced: Gumip-Wulbignignzo).


Tigrim mines: There used to be many battles for this once precious material in ancient times.

In fictionEdit

Story: Battle For the Amethyst

Story: Creation of Muzgal

Story: The Meeting

Story: The Paradise Of Gyxor

Story: The Revival

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