Lentaa Assault on Unda
Part of The Lentaa Invasion of the Daemoniverse
Date 4,000,002 AM
Location Unda, in the Daemoniverse
Result Decisive Daemon victory
Lentaa Daemons
Lar 'Ar Krar Arethusa

later, Bloodburn

Millions of Lentaa ships, each with thousands on board Many Kappas and Marids, the Scylla and other, smaller ships

later, the Armageddon

many Lentaa ships, and Lar's ship The Scylla, many Kappas and Marids and their ships

The Lentaa Assault on Unda was when the Lentaa, after conquering Ymir, moved on to take Unda. However, though they took down Arethusa and her deathship, the Armageddon arrived shortly, its hellbeams making short work of the Lentaa ships, and forcing them into retreat.

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