Artemis is a temperate world in the Viperius Galaxy. It has been colonized by the Salsenes.


Artemis is about the same size of Terra; however, its core is smaller and thus the planet has a lower gravity.

A map of Artemis

The northern portion of the planet is largely covered in temperate forests; the southern portion holds a large ocean, called simply the Southern Sea.


Artemis's atmosphere is denser than ours. However, its atmosphere is largely the same in all other respects.


Plant life is very abundant on Artemis; most of the land is covered in trees and ferns. The oceans have thousands of species of seaweeds and phytoplankton, and the sky is filled with vast algae clouds.

On Artemis' surface, there are two main types of mobile lifeforms: animals and fungi. During the day, animals seem to be the dominant group. However, various species of mobile fungi come out at night, and cover the land in their search for food.

In the Southern Sea, thousands of species of Cnidarians rule the waters.


Thousands of years ago, the Veiled Ones built a colony on this world. They brought many species of life to the world, which is the reason for its great diversity. The Veiled Ones ruled Artemis for a hundred years, but then the Julth forced them off the world.

Recently, the planet was discovered by the Salsenes, who built several colonies on the surface of the planet.

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