Armoured Spiketail

The Armoured Spiketail

The Armoured Spiketail is a dragon native to Dragovia.


The snout of the Armoured Spiketail is protected by natural armour, as is the spine, underbelly, and tail. The armour, though bronze in colour, is actually made of keratin. The Spiketail itself is normally green, but red and orange variants aren’t uncommon.

The Spiketail has two small horns on its head with no apparent purpose, but the two curved spikes on its tail are a deadly weapon. The small spikes protruding from the tail vertebrae also have no apparent purpose.

The Spiketail’s wings are clawed, but they are ineffective as weapons. The Spiketail’s main weapons are its teeth and tail spikes, though it can also use its feet, which are clawed.

Armoured Spiketails are five metres long, and pretty light and agile.


Armoured Spiketails are carnivorous and prey on smaller animals and dragons. They kill their prey by snapping their necks, as the jaws of Armoured Spiketails are actually quite strong. If this fails, they will stab the victim with their tail, and wait for it to bleed to death.


Spiketails are social animals, living in groups of three to five. If there are enough Spiketails, a pack may even consider taking on a Poison Dart Serpent.

Spiketails mate within their groups, and lay eggs after about five weeks. Eggs hatch in the next two months, and are protected until they are a couple of years old, when they are chased from the group and forced to gather their own.


Armoured Spiketails live on Vulcas, and have evolved heatproof skin and armour to help them survive. Living in groups is another adaptation to help fend off Poison Dart Serpents and Armadraggons.

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