The green variant of the Armadraggon

The Armadraggon is a dragon native to Dragovia.


The Armadraggon is a massive twenty metres long, and one of the dominant predators on Dragovia. There are many colour variants, though the most common are green and red. The sail extending from the tail veterbrae is usually orange, regardless of the colour of the dragon, though the fins on the tail are usually similarly-coloured to the dragon itself.

The Armadraggon has a body covered in black, bony plates, that serve as armour. The head, tail and legs are unprotected, though the body is so heavily armoured it is almost inpenetrable.

The tooth of an Armadraggon is serrated for tearing and gripping. It had a small root compared to the rest of the tooth, and Armadraggons are constantly losing teeth and growing new ones, like sharks.

A seemingly useless double-row of spikes run down the Armadraggon's neck. These spikes are made of keratin, and their purpose has yet to be deducted.

The large wings on the Armadraggon enable it to fly despite its size. The leathery underside is normally a yellow colour, and the upperside is the same colour as the dragon. When sapient beings first arrived on Dragovia, they thought it was physically impossible for an Armadraggon to fly. They were quickly proved wrong.

Armadraggons can also breath fire. Their fire is an orange ray of flame, which is ejected from fire-holes at the back of the throat. It is easy to aim and the most common way they kill their prey.


Armadraggons are solely carnivorous. They are large and therefore slow movers, both on the ground and in the air, so the most common method they use to kill their prey is their fire. If they can get close enough, they may use their claws and teeth, but these are most commonly used for ripping off flesh once the creature is dead.

Armadraggons are also bullies - they will often scare smaller dragons off their kills and eat it themselves. If the dragon refuses to leave, it will kill the dragon as well.


Armadraggons are large and hunt alone. They rarely interact with each other, because they are unique in that, like flowers, they contain both male and female organs. This allows them to reproduce alone. The only time you may see more than one Armadraggon at once is when they are rearing young. Armadraggons care for their young for between five and ten years, surprisingly tender treatment for such vicious killers.



Red varient of the Armadraggon

The two colour variants of the Armadraggon are the result of evolving to live on two different continents - Vulcas and Tropica. Red ones are, of course, found on Vulcas, and greens are found on Tropica. The ones in Tropica tend to keep to the fringes of the forests, being too large to venture in.


  • The name 'Armadraggon' is a play on 'dragon' and 'armageddon'.

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