Mist Variation

A mist variation of Arma Fraudator

The Arma Fraudator is a parasitic invertebrate that lives on the planet Styx



However slug-like, these creatures move with small mobile claws on their bellies. They have large mouths that take up to 1/3 of their body mass, depending on their subspecies.

They have no eyes, but instead have incredibly advanced sensory organs called the conlisio gland found taking most of their midsection called the medietas.

They have scales, but they are so small (up to 10,000 per square millimeter), that they are impossible to see with the naked eye.

They can be any color that matches their environment in the marshes on Styx.


Arma Fraudator is parasitic, and lives in the bloodstreams of Grakks. They steal pure adrenaline, so the Arma Fraudator is most active when the host Grakk is in combat with one of their enemies.

Life CycleEdit

Arma fraudator hatches out of eggs found in large groups of up to 100,000. These eggs are only 10-15 micrometers long when laid, but grow quickly, since there are many predators that can eat them. Only 10,000 or less survive until hatching. When the arma fraudator hatches, it is 90-130 micrometers long, but grows to adult

Arma Fraudator

A rough drawing of an Arma Fraudator drilling into a Blue Shaytan.

size in a few hours (1-3 mm) by eating the other, smaller larvae.

As soon as they are fully grown, they find a Grakk to settle in. When they find one, they drill through its tough skin with extremely dense calcium carbonate teeth that they are born with. These fall off once in the bloodstream. The arma fraudator lives in the bloodstream either untill it dies or its host dies. If the host dies, the life cycle repeats.

However, if the arma fraudator lays its eggs in the bloodstream, the offspring will be born there. Some dead grakks have been found to have arma fraudators that are the same color as their bloodstream in them.


The Arma fraudator evolved from more complex organisms on Styx to avoid extinction by Daemons. It took about 500 Earth years for them to evolve.


  1. Common Arma Fraudator- Green, 2 mm long
  2. Bloodstream variation- Red, 1 mm long
  3. Tree variation- Light brown or green, 3 mm long
  4. Marsh variation- Dark green, watery scales, 2 mm long, Considerably flatter and wider.
  5. Floating variation- Does not have consilo gland, but have certain sonar features, hangs from thread, Black, 1.5 mm long
  6. Mist variation- Moves quicker than others, emits white gas until inside of a Grakk, 3 mm long

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