Archogigians are the dominant group of large animals on Ageriul. They include many groups


Archogigian's bones are made up of fibers and a series of tubes. Sand is sent in through the tubes, before calcification merges the sand and bone into a single, rock-like bone of extreme strength. Archogigian bone fiber will fray instead of snap, sand will start to shift instead of snap, and calcification will snap. This enables Archogigian bones to withstand many types of stresses.

Types of ArchogigianEdit


The xenopisces are the fish of Ageriul. They fill most pelagic niches, as Eozooans, Insectomimuses and other Archogigians fill the niches in sea-floor communities. They swim in the same manner as a fish does, moving their tails from side to side. They have one dorsal fin, and four side fins centralised at the middle of the body. Their is much diversity within this group.


The pseudotetrapods are the tetrapods of Ageriul. They fill most land and all aerial niches. The fact that they take total control of the aerial niches means that Archiogigians have a much larger influence on the planet compared to Insectomimuses than our vertebrates to arthropods. Their limbs branch out in a cross shape, meaning that instead of front and back limbs, they have upper and lower limbs. This gives them a tendency to evolve bipediality, although some creatures have evolved front and back limbs. They contain grazers, browsers, predators, and many other beasts.


The tetrabrachigeodes are some of the most basal Archogigians. They are the reef-builders. Like corals have algae in their tissues, tetrabrachigeodes have pelagophytes in theirs. Assimilating sand into skeletons started with the tetrabrachigeodes, before they started to swim and evolved into the xenopisces. These animals are highly important to the health of Ageriul's coastal environments.


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