An Archanid chasing prey.

Archanids are a sapient insectoid species native to the Chnides Galaxy. They are highly hostile to all species but were forced back into their own galaxy where they now reside without harming others.


Archanids are 4,2m tall insectoid creatures with scythed arms and a long body which they move in a zigzagging pattern to move forward (much like a snake).

They have 3 pair of eyes that seem to luminate in the darkness, they have 3 rows of teeth and 2 mandibles to keep living prey stuck.


The Archanids have an omnivorous digestion system but seem to feed primarily of meat hinting that they must have evolved from a herbivorous species. When eating herbs these are mostly nutritious plants.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Archanids listen to a queen that gives the orders. A single Archanid has much individualism but will always follow his queen's orders.

They live in hives that can reach up to 50.000 Archanids, these hives are mostly located underground but some have been spotted on the surface.


X- Intergalactic, this species has explored multiple galaxies.

Military doctrineEdit

The Archanids make use of biological weaponry (firing of spikes, etc) and use biomechanical spaceships. They make no use of any body protection, aside from their exoskeleton, but are known to hide behind cover. They are excellent ambushers being able to burrow themselves and wait for their enemy, this has created the belief that they might still hide in other galaxies.


  • If you happen to think they look like Hydralisk, you're right... :P

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