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The Arawn (Ah-raung) are a race of hyperadvanced sapients from an unknown universe in the Obeidon mutliverse, recently reawakened from stagnation. They are currently classified as low to medium class XII, as their technology is immensely advanced, with manipulation of small microverses and Uberdrive. They are locked in interuniversal war with the Lanrao.

Very little peaceful contact has been made with them, as they typically demolish planets and harness stars to build ships. Entire galaxies have been 'harvested' by this powerful empire, with any defending species obliterated. As such, any contact with them should be before harvesting, although they are typically friendly towards class X and higher species.


Arawn are bipedal therapod-analogues, with large arms and head. They have two legs and two arms, and the shoulders are nearly directly in front of the hips. They have thick vertebrae creating the structure for two spines, one going down the back and another going through the middle of their body as to provide support for the heavier organs. They are immense, averaging at around 8 meters in length and 4 meters in height, with an approximate weight averaging at around 4.5 metric tons.

Each foot is rather large, with four large digits facing frontally and two extended dew claws for balance. The hands are much the same, with four main fingers and two large opposing thumbs.

Their arms are around 3 meters in length, and strong enough to rip open cars. They can also run at around 40km/h, although turning is limited due to the largeness of the gluteals.

Their skeleton is silicaceous-calcaceous, and has notably thicc bones.

They were carnivorous, and evidence still remains with their carnivory teeth, however they are now subsistent on nutrient fluids and injections due to the lack of resources. However, their teeth still are sharp and serrated, with a layer of graphene and other carbonate materials aiding in slicing power. The teeth each are powered by several tubes going just under the surface, with platelet-like nanobots repairing it.

Their cardiovascular system is centered around a large biomechanical heart (see: Organs), with several arteries and veins, made artificially of synthetics and polymers, pumping a nutreint-rich substance. This is consistent of primarily oxygenated water, with proteins, liptids, and carbohydrates to aid their strong need for nutrients. This can be contained in packs. injected in small amounts using a syringe.

This travels directly through muscles, transferring oxygen directly. This means that they can lose biological cost through genetic removal of the lungs. As a result, they have 'oxygenation plants,' or areas of the skin which filter oxygen from atmospheres or use it from pressurized tanks on their sides.

Blood can also be absent, replaced with electronics.

They do not have to worry about diseases, as many nanobots patrol blood vessels and muscles. Throughout these muscles, there exists large amounts of elastin and collagen, and a lubricating substance much like that of elastin, to prevent tearing or stretching. Their muscles are quite dense, with good springing action by the joints enabled by rubber-band-like muscles which can easily force the joint quickly in one direction.

Their arm and leg muscles are the densest, providing maximum strength. This is enough to tear through small concrete buildings due to their durability.

Their hide is made of nanobots, in several layers. Typically, Arawn have a pseudo-biological hide to make themselves look normal. However, they can turn their hide into suspended nano or ultradiamond, and occasionally neutronium-metal, such as on Maeve, to protect themselves during battle.



Culture and SocietyEdit




Civillian life is largely governed by drugs. The drug is refined and processed to a point where it is harmless, but has incredible halucingenic effects. To prevent acidents, most civillians are given a small ration of this, and before doing any important/dangerous jobs are tested for intoxication. The drugs effects can be fatally addictive or have no addictive property at all depending on the quality. The drug is so highly valued it is often used as a payment.

The militarized population is roughly 25%. The major incentive for joining the military is a tripled drug supply. 20% of the population are actually soldiers, the other 5% is responsible for taking care of, piloting, and growing ships.


Government is headed by the God King, Maeve. It is actually mistranslation of "Emperor king." All major matters pass through him, including war declarations, tax levels, and universe eating. The God King is a hegemonial position, unlike most other positions in the Arawn Government.

"Petty" matters such as crime, which is very low, snap choices, and election of advisors is noramlly automated. If the God King wishes to oversee any matter he can. In any matter the God King can overule any decision.

The God King's direct consultants are the 5 Undula. Each Undula is assigned a specific matter that they advise the God King on. This number changes on the whim of the God King. The current Undula's advise on:

  • Finance
  • Internal Conflict
  • War
  • Defense
  • Infastructure

Each Undula commands 9 Undulants. The Undulants elect their departments Undula each standard decade, as well as advise the current Undula. The Undulants. The Undulants are Elected by citizens.

The Infastructure branch of the government includes a part seperate from the Kings Court. There are 1000 governers, each governer is assigned a region. The Governer assigns tasks to his regions 100 barons. The Barons oversee sections. Barons have their own court similar to the kings.

The Financial Branch Includes a High Treasurer. The High Treasurer is responsible for giving the branches budgets. The Financial Branch works closely with The Infastructure branch, as the High treasurer Appoints each governers Treasurer. A Treasurer manages each Barons budget.

The War Branch obviously includes a Secretary Of War. The Secretary of War works closely with the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary of War Is at the top of the military chain of command.

The Internal Conflict Branch is a group of Arawn who have dedicated their lives to stasis. In a time where the Internal stability of the government is threatened they are awakened and educated on the situation, as to prevent bias. The branch acts as a unbiased mediator for any conflicts that the Kings Court cannot decide. When all members come to a descicion they overide even the God King.


Arawn are immensely advanced, with huge ships and large weapons. They are already developing extremely odd weaponry, much like that of the Veiled Ones, although they typically stick with their conventional ones.


Arawn have many both ranged and melee weapons, typically extremely powerful in many ways.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Arawn melee weapons mainly come in the form of swords, typically made of layered nanodiamond. This is pressurized to extent beyond normal nanodiamond, so is known to them as ultradiamond. These swords have a hot plasma sheath, allowing them to block lasers and also provides them anhillation to a certain exent. Aiding this is a repulsor field and repulsor sheets, allowing them to provide blunt crushing power if on. Suspensors allow these swords to be far lighter- some would weigh more than ten tons if held without them.

A recently developed technology, neutronium-metal, allows the Arawn to have extremely powerful swords. This material is ultracompressed, to the extent that a trillion tonnes of material is required to make a matchbox-sized nugget. As a result, this is nigh-indestructible to all forms of attack. Swords made of these may also have repulsors and plasma sheaths, but they are just as powerful bare.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Arawn ranged weapons can scale up to tons in yield even if handheld. They come in the form of railguns to lasers.

  • Arawn Rail-Rifle - These railguns are quite powerful when compared to that of other races', although they are the least powerful of Arawn weapons. These fire 30g bullets to 100km/s, providing nearly 36kg of TNT equivalent. This is far more powerful than guns of the Vorians, which can only deliver around 250g of TNT equivalent. The gun is made of graphene, with an internal ultradiamond barrel layer to prevent wear. The gun's suspensors rend it to weigh around 20kg, an easy weight for the large Arawn, and can fire at a rate of four bullets per second.
  • Arawn Rail-Sniper - These railguns are even more powerful, with an immense effective range. They fire 100g bullets at nearly 125km/s, resulting in a transferral of around 189kg of TNT equivalent. This is quite large for a sniper, as it would simply anhillate the target in an immense explosion and send jets of plasma out from it. The reason for the power is due to the long-ranged battles that the Arawn fight. The gun fires once per second, and weighs 65kg with suspensors.
  • Arawn Anti-Materiel Railgun - This is one of the most powerful Arawn handheld ranged guns, designed to obliterate all but the largest structures. They fire 500g bullets at 200km/s, delivering a whopping 2.9 tons of TNT equivalent force. The firer needs to be far away from the target, as the explosion's air blast is several hundreds of meters in radus. It fires once per ten seconds, and weighs two hundred kilograms, even with suspensors.
  • Arawn Rail-SMG - These guns are the typical 'mowing' weapon, designed for taking down large amounts of enemies. They fire 5g bullets at 50km/s, creating a projectile with the kinetic energy to 1.4 kilograms of TNT equivalent. These are typically handheld, weighing around 85kg with suspensors, made of mainly graphene and pure nanodiamond. The firing rate reaches around fourty per second, making it somewhat of a minigun with four spinning barrels.
  • Arawn Rail-LMG - These railguns are quite powerful, requiring a shoulder and arm mount. They fire 30g bullets to 100km/s, the same as Rail-Rifles, dealing 36kg of TNT. However, their firing rates reach twenty per second with six rotating barrels. They weigh 150kg with suspensors, made almost entirely of nanodiamond, with an ultradiamond barrel.
  • Arawn Rail-HMG - This is arguably the most powerful railgun in the Arawn armory, able to cause structural damage to even immense nanodiamond structures. They fire 50g projectiles to 125km/s, dealing almost 100kg of TNT equivalent kinetic energy per shot. The stock is made of nanodiamond, while the barrel is made of pure ultradiamond, resulting in a 220kg gun, even with suspensors. They require two shoulders and both arms to fire, resulting in a weapon which severly limits maneuverability, but grants immense power to the user. It fires at rates of around 24 per second using six barrels.
  • Arawn Personal Railcannon - This weapon is extremely powerful, with high yields but severely limiting maneuverability. They fire 1kg projectiles to 250m/s, generating nearly 7.5 tons of TNT equivalent. Each requires all four shoulders and both arms to fire, as they weigh nearly 300kg with suspensors. The gun's stock is made of graphene and nanodiamond, while the barrel and much of the material around it is made of ultradiamond. The firing rate reaches around one per eight seconds.
  • Arawn Personal Mass Driver - Requiring the entire body the carry, with a back-mounted cannon, this gun is obviously the most powerful weapon in the Arawn military. They can take out large amounts of soldiers using its immense yield. These fire 5g projectiles to nearly 0.05c, generating nearly 150 tons of TNT equivalent per shot. The weapon is made of ultradiamond with a nanodiamond stock, weighing around a ton with even the most powerful Arawn suspensors. The immense power is countered with the slower rate of fire, as it can only be fired at once per minute. However, this can provide a quick attack advantage when fighting unsuspecting enemies.
  • Arawn Swarmer Missile Launcher - This missile launcher is used to attack large amounts of enemies, with several missiles. Each fires ten thousand 1-gram missiles, powered with extremely small conventional rockets, each containing around 50 micrograms of antimatter. Each delivers 107 kilograms of TNT equivalent force at 60% efficiency, totalling at more than a kiloton of TNT eqiuvalent if concentrated. However, ammunition is not as abundant as that of kinetic weapons, and the missile launcher fires at rates of only one per minute. They require two shoulders and both arms.
  • Arawn Heavy Missile Launcher - This missile launcher is more concentrated, firing only a single missile, although with faster firing rates. They fire a single 1kg missile, loaded with 100mg of antimatter. When impacting, this missile (often with a nanodiamond tip for penetration), explodes with the force equivalent to 1.5 kilotons of TNT at 70% anhillation efficiency. They can fire once per forty-five seconds, slightly faster than swarmers. They require all shoulders and both arms.


The Arawn have a variety of artillery, with immense ship weapons reaching up into planet-destroying measures. Their lasers strain the limit of the possible, and bombs are immensely powerful. Ground weaponry is immensely powerful, due to the advanced Lanrao shielding and armor, with large amounts of antimatter.

  • Arawn Light Mortar - This device can be shoulder-mounted or handheld, weighing two tons without suspensors or 200kg with. It fires explosive shells in groups of six, each weighing half of a kilogram and holding 100 milligrams of antimatter, creating an explosion equivalent to two kilotons of TNT. The antimatter level is adjustable using an antimatter containment pack usually put on the back of the Arawn. It has a range of around 50km, although software allows it to reach 175km, typically using rail-based systems.
  • Arawn Heavy Mortar - This mortar is immense, weighing five tons without suspensors and 500kg with. They fire shells in groups of ten, each weighing a kilogram and containing around 500mg of antimatter, creating a 10kt explosion. Like Light Mortars, the antimatter is adjustable. The range reaches 100km without tracking software and 500km with.
  • Arawn Anti-Personel Mortar - These weapons weigh three tons without suspensors, so 300kg with. Shells are fired in groups of a thousand, each weighing ten grams and containing half of a milligram of antimatter, resulting in ten tons of TNT per projectile. However, the weapon only has a good range of 10km, and a maximum range of 25km due to the low acceleration possibility of the small projectiles.
  • Arawn Light Howitzer - These howitzers each weigh around around 150kg with suspensors, so 1.5 tons without. They fire ten 500g shells per second, each containing 100mg of antimatter, so a two kiloton explosion per hit. They have two rotating barrels for firing, so each fires five bullets per second, resulting in an RPM rate of 120. The range of this weapon is around 1900m, although rocket-aided bullets can reach an effective range of 30km.
  • Arawn Multigun Howitzer - This howitzer is the fastest form of ground artillery, with four sets of six barrels, resulting in a 4 ton (400kg with suspensors) weapon. Each of these fires two times per second, so a total of twelve per gun, and forty-eight per second in total. Each projectile weighs 10g, with five milligrams of antimatter each. The explosions created by single projectiles are each equal to a ten-ton TNT explosion. They are not typically attatched to the Arawn, but it can be back-mounted.
  • Arawn Heavy Howitzer - Weighing at twenty tons, this huge gun is far to big to even be back-mounted. It has its own engine to power it, which is extremely powerful. This fires four 10kg round every second, each containing 50g of antimatter, resulting in a 1Mt explosion- equivalent to most human nuclear devices, easily pummeling down large squadrons and making it a good anti-settlement weapon.
  • Arawn AA Gun - This uses a self-propelled antimatter explosive, each weighing 5kg with a gram of antimatter. This causes a 20kt explosion, more than enough to take out practically any lesser species' aircraft, and can eventually overwhelm Arawn aircraft. The gun itself weighs around four tons, firing a missile every second using a robotic reload system.
  • Arawn Heavy AA Gun - This gun weighs twenty-five tons, unable to be carried by even the strongest Arawn. Like the Heavy Howitzer, it has its own powerful engine to push it along. It fires a 100kg projectile every ten seconds, each containing a hundred grams of antimatter. This causes a 2Mt explosion for every explosion, easily taking down enemy Lanrao ships and destroying many ships within a radius.
  • Arawn Heavy AS Gun - This gun is a sessile fifty ton coilgun, firing immense payloads into space. They fire one ton projectiles at 50000km/s (approximately 0.2c), far above any escape velocity, weighing 200kg on impact. The force produced is equivalent to around 100Mt, easily destroying most ship hulls unexpectedly, even with repulsors. If aimed at a city, this gun will totally obliterate any settlement placed. The barrel is around twenty meters long, and is around 35.6 in caliber.
  • Arawn Light Laser Cannon - This is a two-ton NUV laser cannon, with laser-based fusion sources giving it a power of around one gigawatt. It has an aperture size of around 5cm, allowing it to strip through 24m of titanium per second at one kilometer, and around 30cm at 10km. They can kill unarmored troops at around 125km.
  • Arawn Heavy Laser Cannon - This is a ten-ton NUV laser cannon, with fusion and antimatter reactors giving it a power of around 10GW. With a 20cm aperture, it is immensely concentrated. It is capable of stripping nearly 120m of titanium per second at one kilometer, and around one meter at 10km. It is capable of drilling through hills to reach targets, and can even slice through solid mountains to attack targets by surprise. Targets within 500km are utterly destroyed by the impact shock.

Vehicle WeaponsEdit

Ship WeaponsEdit

Arawn ship weapons are immense, with average weapons able to completely destroy almost any other ship.

  • Broadside Mass Drivers - These launch projectiles, each weighing around five tons, to nearly 0.7c. Each projectile's kinetic energy is equivalent to nearly 43 gigatonnes of TNT equivalent. These can fire at rates of nearly 20 shots per second, although this is typically much lower due to the energy requirements and wear of the barrels.
  • Light Mass Drivers - Seen more commonly, these are the basic medium-strength armnament of Arawn ships. They fire 500kg projectiles to 0.65c, creating a kinetic energy equivalent to 3.7Gt of TNT per shot. They can fire at rates of around 35 shots per second.
  • Heavy Mass Drivers - Some of the largest Arawn conventional weaponry, these can easily take out any small ship or inferior ship. They fire twenty-five ton projectiles to nearly 0.9c with aiding repulsor rings, creating a kinetic energy equivalent to 695 gigatons of TNT equivalent. They can fire at rates of nearly six per second, although this is typically reduced to much less due to the wasting of the projectile on inferior vessels.
  • Locust Mass Sprayer - One of the newer forms of weaponry, the mass sprayer acts as hundreds of thousands of rapid-fire mass drivers firing tiny projectiles at immense speeds. This variety accelerates two-gram projectiles to .5c, so each projectile has a kinetic energy equivalent of 6 kilotons. Around ten million of these are fired in a second, creating a total of 60 gigatons of kinetic energy spread over a vast area. These are very common on ships.
  • Pursuasion Cannon - The largest common Arawn weapon, this is used only on larger ships for taking out Lanrao vessels. They fire 100,000 ton blocks of iron to nearly 0.9c, generating a kinetic energy equivalent of 2.78 petatons of TNT equivalent. This can fire twice per second, although this causes massive wear and energy loss.
  • Bargain Buster - This weapon is only used on megaships, as it is extremely large. It is an immense mass sprayer, with a weapon radius of 25km. As such, it has over 750 million barrels, each with a radius of a quarter of a meter, firing at rates of up to 20 per second. Each of these barrels fire one-ton projectiles at 0.9c, generating 27.8 gigatons of TNT equivalent per shot, 20 exatons if all shoot at once, and nearly half of a zettaton if all fired for a second. As a result, entire planets can be torn apart by this immense weapon if fired for a long enough time.
  • Rapid-fire Ship Railguns - These fire 1kg projectiles to .3c, transferring around one megaton of TNT equivalent per shot. This fires at rates of around a thousand shots per second.
  • Ship Railcannons - These are also quite fast, firing 50kg payloads at .35c, transferring around 73 megatons of TNT per shot. These fire at rates of around thirty per second.
  • Light Ship Laser - These are the typical energy weapon armnament of Arawn ships, able to easily destroy enemies without sophisticated shielding. They have 5TW power sources and a 1m aperture, able to strip many meters of titanium per second at 1000km. They can deliver significant damage at distances as great as a million km.
  • Heavy Ship Laser - Slightly larger than the light variety, these are designed for brute force rather than precision. They have 50TW power sources and a 7.5m aperture, able to strip several hundreds of meters of titanium per second at 100km. They can do significant damage within more than a twenty-five million kilometers, making it an effective ranged weapon.
  • Ultraheavy Ship Laser - With a 500TW power source and a 25m aperture, the ultraheavy laser is an immensely powerful weapon. They can strip almost three kilometers of titanium per second at 100km, and do damage to many meters at 10000km. They can score hits at nearly two million kilometers, making it one of the most effective weapons in the Arawn armory.
  • Ship Masers - With 500GW-100TW power sources and large apertures, Arawn masers are highly effective. They are useful for heating up ships from the outside if not concentrated, although they can easily strip through many meters of titanium per second at large distances. These masers, if concentrated for a tactically significant amount of time, can easily vaporize ship hulls through the immense amount of heat producecd.
  • Ship Xasers - Arawn xasers are not used often, although they are quite powerful. With 1-100TW power sources, these xasers can easily irridate ship hulls and cause it to break apart through ionization. However, the instruments used to build these are very complex, and as such are harder to produce.
  • Ship Gasers - Arawn gasers are only used on larger ships, although they are extremely powerful. A spherical chamber is used, around a kilometer in diameter, where a 15kt nuclear explosion is brought to yield. The gamma radiation produced is filtered into a barrel, where it is accelerated with a 500TW power source. These are the least common Arawn energy weapons, although they are some of the most effective and powerful.
  • Light Particle Beams - Arawn ships are equipped with extremely powerful particle beams, far stronger than any seen in other empires than the Lanrao. The light ones accelerate 1TeV particles to .9999995c, creating large explosions and scoring tons of radiation kills. They can be either charged or neutral, depending on the medium.
  • Heavy Particle Beams - Far stronger than Light Particle Beams, the Heavy Particle Beam is more powerful than any Irihil beam. They accelerate 67TeV particles at far greater speeds, at nearly the speed of light. As a result, massive explosions and immense amounts of radiation is seen produced by these immense weapons.
  • Ultraheavy Particle Beams - The strongest Arawn beam weapon. the Ultraheavy Particle Beam fires 2PeV particles at speeds greater than 99.999999999999999999% of the speed of light. As a result, these weapons can easily crush inferior ships and unshielded settlements- they are the largest destructive force against class IX or lower races.
  • Light Missiles - These carry 10kg of antimatter, exploding at 60% efficiency, producing a total of around 130Mt of TNT equivalent. These are useful against smaller ships, as they can be fired in large amounts, causing them to be destroyed quickly. Bombardment against larger ships using this is quite effective, as they are very small and are hard to defend against. With these, a single frigate could take out a large, but inferior fleet.
  • Heavy Missiles - Carrying 50kg of antimatter, with 70% efficiency, these missiles can produce a yield of around 750Mt of TNT equivalent. These are useful for taking out weak points of larger vessels, or bombarding repulsors. These are carried on most ships, with large missile-based ships carrying millions of them.
  • Light Bombs - These carry 100kg of antimatter at 60% efficiency, exploding with 1.3Gt of TNT equivalent. They are extremely effective in area denial. This makes a strategy in which Arawn ships surround a planet in these, causing an undetectable blockade minefield around a planet. This will eventually starve the planet's population from resources.
  • Heavy Bombs - Carrying half of a ton of antimatter and detonating at 70% efficiency, these bombs explode at a yield of around 7.5Gt of TNT equivalent. As such, they can totally eradicate any planetary or orbital settlements without extremely significant shielding.
  • Point Defense - Point defense is preformed by extremely high-rate of fire rail-flak guns and lighter lasers. Flak guns fire 1g projectiles at .2c, managing to produce around 450 tons of TNT equivalent- enough to obliterate oncoming missiles without a problem- at nearly a thousand shots per second. Lasers fire with 50GW of force and 10cm apertures.

Unconventional Ship WeaponsEdit

The Arawn have immensely powerful conventional weapons. However, their unconventional ones are even more so.

  • Calagh Cannons - This weapon is extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive. They are 100000-ton projectiles, with a drive which allows them to access the level below Uberspace for a few microseconds, allowing bypass of Lanrao anti-Uberdrives. This contains 500 tons of antimatter, and at 84% efficiency, this can explode with nearly 100 teratons of TNT equivalent kinetic energy, enough to obliterate any ship within their shields. This is typically put inside of the ship to explode.
  • Neuraelor Bombs - This is a huge construct, using extremely powerful suspensors to suspend a cubic meter of neutron star material. The walls are around half of a kilometer in length, built in a cubical formation, with mass drivers on the corners, faced towards each other. When detonated, these mass drivers fire, weakening the shields of the enemy. This can simply be taken as a kamikaze-esque self-destruct. However, within a few seconds, the neutron star material eradicates the enemy with immense amounts of force. The exact force is not known, but it is possible to be in the scales of tens of zettatons.
  • Ralor Cannons - This is quite an odd weapon, even for the Arawn. This fires quadrillions of tiny projectiles, each weighing a few micrograms, at .6c. This only produces around 10 kilograms of TNT equivalent per projectile, but it can produce several teratons of TNT equivalent when all fired at once, with a rapid stream of projectiles allowing for an average of fifty times that per second.

Other WeaponsEdit

The Arawn have even more powerful, non-ship weapons.

  • Trans-Realm Accelerator - using immense accelerators, this weapon creates an immense rift, flying a planet or other heavenly body from an antimatter universe into an object or fleet. As a result, it can easily destroy planets and even stars, depending on the mass. At the height of their empire, there were a few thousand of these.
  • Stellar Spearhead - Firing a planet-sized object at .9c, the only meanings of these 10-thousand-kilometer constructs are the destruction of stars and Lanrao rings. There were a few tens of thousands of these at the height of the Arawn empire.


The Arawn have nearly-impenetrable armor and shields, capable of easily deflecting planet-destroying weaponry as if it was a slingshot on titanium.

Shields used on Arawn vessels are giant repulsor fields and sheets, powered by immense antimatter reactors and black hole generators, capable of generating massive amounts of energy, reaching into the tens of petawatts just for shields. The antimatter stores are virtually inexhaustible, as rifts to antimatter universes and matter universes are constantly flushing the respective particles into the chambers. This makes their shields practically impossible to destroy.

Ships also have a massive field of antimatter outside of the repulsors, allowing them to smash through planets while in sublight and destroy oncoming projectiles. This is easily manipulated, allowing for firing while the shield is up. This also protects against energy weapons.

All Arawn ships also carry anti-uberdrives in the case of a forced entry by uberdrive or lower.

In the case of shield breach, Arawn ships, by standard, each have twenty meters of neutronium-metal hull. However, Megaships can have as much as a kilometer of neutronium between the surface and the interior. This also includes a boron lining with lead plating so any radiation is completely nullified. 

Soldiers wear ultradiamond or neutronium plating, with extremely strong shields.


The Arawn have used vehicles in the past, although they have gotten rid of all of these as they believe that their soldiers are 'the perfect beings.' Orbital bombardment accompany invasions, but vehicles are never used for either transport or invasions.


Arawn ships are among the most powerful in Obeidon, with no modern ones coming close to the power of their ships. Instead of being built of normal materials, all Arawn ships are built of neutronium-metal. As such, each individual unit is capable of withstanding earth-shaking weaponry without shielding.

Since the metal is not indestructible (but nigh-it), the defenses are aided by immensely powerful repulsor fields and sheets, cold plasma barriers, ion fields, antimatter projectors, and several other forms of defense.

As such, they can take immense amounts of heat, solar flares and high-scale EMP's, nuclear fallout, petaton-scale weaponry, and can delve deep into gas giants.

They have antimatter drives, powered by rifts to antimatter 'verses. These can take them up to 99.5% of the speed of light. This can be coupled with Uberdrive, to take them to nearly a quintillion times the speed of light.

The Arawn have several ship classes, ranging from a hundred meters or so to several hundred kilometers in length.

  • Cailleagh, or Megaships, are each around a thousand kilometers in length, although some can have the size of moons. They bear all Arawn weaponry, and can easily destroy planets. There are a few million circa 10 million BM, the height of their empire, making up an extremely small fraction of the ships. Their defenses and offenses are unparallelled, even by the immense Lanrao rings. Their attack output can reach into the hundreds of yottotons per second. These are the fastest ships in the fleet, reaching speeds of 99.93% of the speed of light at top speed.
  • Supercarriers are each around 500km in length, carrying little weaponry but producing immense amounts of ships. They take material from planets, compressing it into neutronium. As such, they carry immense amounts of Harvestors and harvestor drones. They can travel at speeds around 99.54% of the speed of light. Tens of millions existed at the height of their empire.
  • Dreadnoughts are each around 75km in length, carrying nearly all forms of Arawn weaponry. They rarely enter battlefields, let alone megaships. Each one can easily take out a class X civilization, with hundreds of millions at the height of their empire. They can travel at speeds of 99.84% of the speed of light.
  • Carriers, measuring at around 70km in length, construct drones and ships with premade neutronium from supercarriers, and also construct ammunition. They can travel at speeds of around 99.21% of the speed of light. Billions existed at the height of their empire.
  • Heavy Battleships are each around 50km in length, making the tank class of the main fighting force of the Arawn navy. They are centered around taking lots of damage and dealing lots as well, as front-line ships. However, this limits mobility, with their blocky design. They can travel at speeds of around 99.62% of the speed of light. There were hundreds of billions of these at the height of their empire.
  • Battleships are each around 40km in length, making for the standard class of the Arawn's main fighting force. They are centered around being well-rounded, with high maneuverability, offense, and defense. Trillions of these existed at the height of the Arawn empire. They can travel at speeds around 99.7% of the speed of light.
  • Battlecruisers are each around 20km in length, designed more for speed and maneuverability. There were trillions of these at the height of their empire. They can travel at speeds around 99.84% of the speed of light.
  • Light Battlecruisers are each around 12km in length, designed for even more maneuverability and quick strikeing. There were tens of trillions of these at the height of the Arawn empire. They could travel at speeds of around 99.55% of the speed of light.
  • There were three forms of cruiser - heavy, standard, and light, used for stopping low-class-X civilizations in fleets. Heavy ones measured around 9km in length, designed for plowing through enemy formations, standard ones measured around 7km in length, designed to be used in all situations, and light ones were around 4km in length, designed for quick attacks and front line movements.
  • There were also three forms of frigate - heavy, standard, and light, all used in galactic extermination fleets - fleets which would clear galaxies from any weak resistance and occupy it. Heavy frigates measured around 2km in length, acting as the front lines of galactic extermination fleets, standards measured around 700m in length, designed for being the backbone of the fleets, and light ones measured around 200m in length, designed for quick and deadly strikes on planets and fleets. Each could travel at 99.02%, 98.61%, and 98.14% of the speed of light respectively. There were quadrillions of these at the height of the Arawn empire.

Megaship ClassesEdit

Megaships are typically around a thousand kilometers in length, but can range to nearly a million in special varities known as 'Ultraships.' Only one of these currently exist, in the form of Balor. Thirteen other Megaships exist.

The most powerful Ultraship was known as Morrigan, which was nearly a million kilometers of pure neutronium with one of Obeidon's largest black hole reactors at the time in the center. It was practically indestructible, so upon deactivation, the Order banished it to a dying universe which collapsed with Morrigan inside of it.

  • Balor is a 12,500km Ultraship, and as the only existing Ultraship, Balor is the flagship of the Arawn fleet. It carries 150 Bargain Busters, making it capable of destroying gas giants and Lanrao rings. Its armnament also includes more than a hundred thousand Pursuasion Cannons, billions of heavy mass drivers and tens of billions of normal ones, tens of millions of ultraheavy lasers and particle beams, amongst quadrillions of missile pods which can fire at very high rates. It is notable as Maeve's personal Ultraship.
  • Mathonwy-class Megaships are each 1,056km in length. They carry 23 Bargain Busters, 7,500 Pursuasion Cannons, over a million mass drivers of all kinds, 58,000 ultraheavy lasers, 40,000 ultraheavy particle beams, amongst trillions of all kinds of weapons all across its surface. There are two of these in existence - Lichryin, and Echrion.
  • Cailleach-class Megaships are very powerful, at 1,460 km in length. They carry 35 Bargain Busters, 9,250 Pursuasion Cannons, millions of mass drivers, 79,500 ultraheavy lasers, 57,000 ultraheavy particle beams, and tens of trillions of all kinds of weapons on its hull. There are three of these in existance - Meleghin, Harowy, and Milregh.
  • Nemain-class Megaships are each 1,170km in length. They carry 28 Bargain Busters, 8,500 Pursuasion Cannons, millions of mass drivers, 64,000 ultraheavy lasers, 47,000 ultraheavy particle beams, and trillions of all kinds of weapons. There are three of these in existance - Liricht, Cairilogh, and Moreuwy.
  • Aoibhell-class Megaships are older Megaships, each around 869km in length. They carry 15 Bargain Busters, 5,000 Pursuasion cannons, more than a million mass drivers, 34,000 ultraheavy lasers, 25,000 ultraheavy particle beams, with trillions of all kinds of weapons strewn across its black hull. There are six of these in existance - Tilreagh, Dun Lorogh, Duvliagh, Naghreain, Litrigh, and Coronagh.

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Use of UniversesEdit

At the height of scientific activity, the Arawn hypothesized the use of universes for many uses.

A few years afterward, a microverse, comprising completely of antimatter, was found. This was an immense breakthrough, allowing for near-unlimited antimatter collection. Several others of these were found, creating an immense surge in weapons power, but also severe inflation.

After immense resource usage and expansion due to the Lanrao-Arawn War going on, so-called 'empty universes' were named. These were filled with useless waste materials, to prevent the need for radiators. Heat sinks nowadays contain a rift leading to one of these, heating up the constantly shifting material (the immense amounts of matter are flushed and de-energized to prevent overheating) to prevent overheat. As a result, the only ways that an Arawn ship can lose is destruction or running out of ammunition.

Rare, highly energy-dense microverses were discovered, and energy harvesting in their Uberspaces commenced. In those 'verses, energy could reach 10^15 times that of Emenata, resulting in uberspace energy densities reaching nearly 10^9J/m^3, allowing for large amounts of point-energy harvesting in those universes. Energy was practically unlimited.


Military DoctrineEdit


The Arawn Military is organized similar to the Lanrao Warbands. Instead of a centalised military there are several houses. Each house works independently on assignments issued by The God King. Usually the two houses are given the same objective and work together to acompish it. This allows for more effective operations and avoids rivalries between houses. 

Troop Classes


Ranks in the Arawn Military are generally the same within the different houses.

The God-King acts as commanders in chief of all Houses, with each house having a supreme military commander known as a Generallisimus. 

Army RanksEdit

Soldier and Sergeant ranks Arawn

Soldier and Sergeant ranks of the 5301st regiment of the Cilrenogh House

The Army does most ground work, such as the capturing of planets directly and facing off against stronghols and armies.

Soldiers are the basic ranks, with limited armor and weaponry. They act as foot soldiers and comprise most of the military. 

  • Daghwy are ranked as the most basic rank, scaling around private or cadet. Daghwy comprise of around 75% of soldiers, and make up squads. Their marking is on their chest, in the form of a circle colored according to their house, with a much smaller gold circle inside. Their regiment number is shown in Arawn numbering inside of this circle.
  • Erenewy lead groups of three Daghwy called Low Squads. They are rather common, although they only compose of 25% of soldiers. Their marking is nearly exactly like that of a Daghwy, except with a a thread-like gold line going through the circle in the center.

Sergeants lead larger squads of soldiers, from 16 to 1024 soldiers.

  • Moregh are ranked around the same as Junior Sergeants, leading groups of four low squads known as Squads. Their marking is like that of a Daghwy, with two horizontal gold threads going through the center circle.
  • Kilregh are ranked around the same as the average Sergeant, leading groups of four squads known as High Squads. Their marking is like that of a Moregh, but with an extra thread going through the center circle.
  • Cailloregh are ranked as Senior Sergeants, leading groups of four high squads known as Low Platoons. Their marking is different than others, with just a thick gold band going horizontally through the circle.
  • Commoregh are equivalent to Sergeant Majors, leading groups of four low platoons known as Platoons. Their marking is like that of a Cailloregh, but with a half-band extending vertically from the circle.
Under and junior officers

Under-officer and Junior officer markings

Under-officers lead a couple thousand men each.
  • Cilronog are equivalent to warrant officers, leading groups of four platoons known as High Platoons. Their marking is like that of a Daghwy, but with a single star in the center instead of a circle.
  • Morricog are equivalent to senior warrant officers, leading groups of four high platoons known as low batallions. Their marking is like a Cilronog with two stars.

Junior Officers lead battalions and sometimes companies of lower grades. 

  • Lichronil are equivalent to junior lieutenants, leading groups of fourty low platoons known as batallions. Lichronil shoulder pads are gold with several red lines across the center. Regiments are still represented, but in red.
  • Cainoroil are equivalent to regular lieutenants, leading groups of twenty battalions known as high battalions. Their shoulder pads look much like that of a Lichronil, except with a golden 'X' over the main pattern.
  • Mirrhonil are equivalent to senior lieutenants, leading groups of fourty high battalions known as Grand Battalions. Their shoulder pads have an additional star at their bottom.
  • Cedricil are equivalent to captains, leading groups of twenty Grand Battalions known as low companies. Their shoulder pads are much like Mirrhonil, but with two stars and without an 'X'.

Senior Officers lead companies and divisions.

  • Mawlon are equivalent to majors, leading groups of 20 low companies known as companies. Their markings are much liek that of a Lichronil, except that there is a large, red star on top of the center.
  • Corolion are equivalent to lieutenant colonels, leading groups of 20 companies known as high companies. Their markings are much like Mawlon, except that their stars are raised and golden.
  • Maeronon are equivalent to colonels, leading groups of 200 high companies known as divisions. Their markings are like that of Corolion, but with two stars.

Supreme Officers lead higher divisions and the massive regiments.

  • Cendrian are equivalent to major generals, leading groups of 8 divisions known as high divisions. Their markings are like a Mawlon's overlapped with a Maeronon's.
  • Cendrillan are equivalent to lieutenant generals, leading groups of 20 high divisions known as corps. Their markings are like a Corolion's, but silver.
  • Coronan are equivalent to colonel generals, leading the massive regiments, which are each 40 corps in number. Their marking is like a Maeronon's, but with silver stars.
  • Erenothan are equivalent to generals of the army, leading task forces of 2-5000 regiments into battle. There are anywhere from eighty to a thousand of these in a house at any given time. Their marking is like a Cendrian's, with silver stars.
  • Doronan are equivalent to high marshals, leading the army forces of an entire house. Their marking is like several combined, with a gold star overlapped by two silver stars and three red stars at the bottom.

Navy RankingEdit

The Navy commands ships, preforming space operations as well as occasional aquatic operations. The Arawn navy was one of the most powerful space forces of its time. As their space forces have changed much over their empire's life, ranking names have changed to a more standard ranking system.

Seamen are basic soldiers, manning guns, defending from any rare boardings, repairing errors, et cetera. 

  • Matroses or Sailors do most of the grunt work, and several can die solely by accidents. Their marking is like a Daghwy, but with black instead of gold. The same is about all other ranks except supreme officers.
  • Senior Matroses lead teams of Matroses, or operate at computers or other electronic systems in the ship.

Petty Officers oversee Matroses, or operate teams of guns or in the control deck.

  • 2nd class Starshinas oversee a few Matrose groups, or command a few Matroses controlling guns. 
  • 1st class Starshinas oversee a few more Matrose groups, command a couple more gun controllers, or operate in the control deck.
  • Chief Starshinas oversee the actions of a few Starshinas, command large groups of gun controllers, or operate higher roles in control decks.
  • Chief Ship Starshinas oversee all Starshinas on a ship, but do not command it. 

Under-Officers control large amounts of soldiers.

  • Midshipmen operate larger guns or control a few Chief Starshinas. They can also operate several Matrose groups.
  • Senior Midshipmen command a small number of midshipmen.

Junior officers control groups of midshipmen groups and command smaller ships.

Chain of CommandEdit


Getting larger down the page:

  • Low Squad: 4 soldiers, led by an Erenewy.
  • Squad: 4 Low Squads (16 soldiers), led by a Moregh.
  • High Squad: 4 Squads (64 soldiers), led by a Kilregh.
  • Low Platoon: 4 High Squads (~250 soldiers), led by a Cailloregh.
  • Platoon: 4 Low Platoons (~1000 soldiers), led by a Commoregh.
  • High Platoon: 4 Platoons (~4100 soldiers), led by a Cilronog.
  • Low Battalion: 4 High Platoons (~16400 soldiers), led by a Morricog.
  • Battalion: 40 Low Battalions (~655000 soldiers), led by a Lichronil.
  • High Battalion: 20 Battalions (~13 million soldiers), led by a Cainoronil.
  • Grand Battalion: 40 High Battalions (~524 million soldiers), led by a Mirrhonil.
  • Low Company: 20 Grand Battalions (~11 billion soldiers), led by a Cedricil,
  • Company: 20 Low Companies (~210 billion soldiers), led by a Mawlon.
  • High Company: 20 Companies (~4.2 trillion soldiers), led by a Corolion.
  • Division: 200 High Companies (~839 trillion soldiers), led by a Maeronon.
  • High Division: 8 Divisions (~6.7 quadrillion soldirers), led by a Cendrian.
  • Regiment: 40 High Divisions (~268 quadrillion soldiers), led by a Coronan.
  • House: 10000 Regiments (~2.7 sextillion soldiers), led by a Doronan.

10000 Regiments is the standard for a house, although no full-strength houses exist today, with the Maeve house only numbering a few Companies.

At the height of their empire, the Arawn had 137 full-strength houses, with the Maeve, Morrigan, and Cilrenogh having ten times a full-strength one. This equated to nearly half of a septillion soldiers, the most potent infantry force in Obeidon at the time, with each Battalion able to dispatch entire billion-strength armies of class X soldiers.




Space TravelEdit

Interuniversal WarEdit

Relations with Other Known RacesEdit


The Lanrao have been at war with the Arawn for a unknown amount of time.


The AssemblyEdit

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