Aratum is the largest moon of Algidos, and has very little activity on its surface. It was probably created by ejection of Algidoan mantle being ejected into space from an asteroid impact.

Lunar CharacteristicsEdit

Much like its parent world, Aratum is an iceball, covered with chemical ices.


One Aratian radius measures at 1,083 kilometers, and its density measures at at 4.7 g/cm^3. As such, it has an extremely low gravity and escape velocity, making it a more common orbital position for ships in the Assembly navy.


An Aratian day lasts 28 days, as well as its year, showing that it is tidally locked. This is not perfect tidal lock, as it exposes 1 km more of the surface at the equator every decade. This means that it makes a full cycle of this every 30 million years.


Aratium's surface is mainly chemical ice, as its surface is so cold that water can be as tough as granite. However, craters do exist on the surface, and areas around these are filled with huge ice shards. The surface is around -237 degrees Celcius. The main reason for the slight temperature change from its parent body is that friction causes slight rises in the surface temperature, heating up the planet ever so slightly,

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