The Arad, are the primary, and only race that still 'exist' that originate from Arelus.

They were heavily affected by the Merge, acquiring a massive rise in collective consciousness. Nowadays, the Arad are a guiding race, guiding other races that have difficulties in their evolution.


The Arad exist out of most creatures' spectrum, on a higher vibrationary level. Shortly after the merge, the Arad were given the 28th oppertunity to Ascend, and succeeded. The Arad are on a 5th dimensional level.


Most Arad determine their own lifespan, and life challenges. This was different before their Ascension though. Mostly, the Arad finish a life after 450 years, when they come to the conclusion that they've done everything that is possible in the current life they are living at that moment.


Amongst the many abilities that is available to one after achieving existence in the 5th dimension, is translocation. Arad simply think of something, and it manifests within seconds, depending on how clear the actual thought is, this to prevent any malicious, distorted thoughts to wreak havoc.


As Arelus began to destabilise, so did the Arad, causing small tears in some of their ethnic groups. Up to their Ascension, there were a few subfactions that wanted to be different than the main Arad group.


Relying heavily on technology, it often went hand in hand with their spirituality. Though, not every bit of technology was invented with love and light in mind.

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