The Aqari system is a star system in the Polemos Galaxy, which is in turn in the Viperius Galaxy System. It has two planets, a hot jupiter, Quren, and an extremely hot terrestrial world, Baqala. The system is centered around a class M subdwarf.


Aqari is located close to the border of the Laoine-Yuharon border, at only around 11 parsecs away. However, it is not hotly contested as Baqala cannot hold Yuharon life due to its larger gravity and immense heat. However, its location makes it a good place for creating ships for pushing the line in the war.


Aqari formed around 20 billion years ago, as a larger star. However, as the Merge heavily affected the region where it is in, Aqari saw a slight decrease in mass, probably due to contact with a small black hole, as a stellar-mass black hole has been sighted near the system.

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