How long before the first victim dies?

- Apocalyptic Survivor slogan

Apocalyptic Survivor is a show on the planet Deiros in which each month after the bombardments conducted by the Grand Drahoni Navy a group of participants (these are typicaly hundreds and sometimes even thousands) are dropped on the surface to survive for a unknown period of time. Each participant is given a handgun (or in the case of payment a rifle or assault rifle) to survive in the harsh environment of Deiros. Danger lurks after every corner, AMC, robbers or other (hostile) participants can cost you your life.

The show is hosted by the Drahoni Drengh Visgoth and financed by numerous governments as enterntainment. Today the show has a fanbase of several billions throughout many galaxies.

After several episodes the show had been given a turn, weapons and loot was dropped by drones on various locations, be it a public toilet or a market square. On some occasions vehicles are also dropped, civilian and military. It has been seen in episode 1405 that a Mantis was dropped and used.


  • This is inspired by films and games such as The Hunger Games and Arma2: DayZ

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