Apapou is a large, dying world native to the Mwamo in the Gwosel System.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Apapou is a world beginning its dying stages, from the nuclear attacks between Mwamo civilizations.


Apapou has a radius of 1.7 times the earth, and a density around 5.9 g/cm^3 gives it a gravity of 1.6 times that of the earth. 


Although it is the only planet in this system, Apapou manages to get in the habitable zone of a 92-day year around its class K2 sun. It has an axial tilt of 38 degrees, causing massive season variety in many areas. It has one moon, which is now used as the homeworld of the Mwamo - Lwomar.


This planet has an average surface temperature of 41 degrees celcius, ranging from -10 degrees to 80 at some times. Its surface is currently 90% land, 50% of which is currently uninhabitable, and 10% water and waste chemicals.


Apapou has a large core of mainly iron, surrounded by a thick mantle of molten silicates and iron, which is currently being extracted to make ships and weapons. The crust is mainly silicates, although there is a slight abundance of carbonates. The atmosphere is highly polluted and is going through a nuclear winter, with the gas being 40% nitrogen. 16% oxygen, 24% carbon dioxide, 10% carbon monoxide, and 10% smogs, with a thick layer of soil and rocks in orbit, preventing sunlight from reaching the surface.


Due to the nuclear attacks, Apapou is all but void of life. What remains is a population of around 1.2 billion Mwamo, most killed or driven off by the wars, some extremely hardened animals, and specialized forms of bacteria. Although anaerobic bacteria can thrive here, as many require sunlight or animals to live off of, their population is decreasing.

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