The Aniken Floorfeeder is an Aniken from Cthonia adapted to 'walk' on the sea floor.
Aniken floorfeeder

A Floorfeeder


The floorfeeder grows up to 12cm long, with a finspan of 6cm. It has a long body, though is not as long and thin as a Shoaler.

The six fins are large and fleshy, well muscles to enable them to act as supports for the animal's weight. It reaches with its snout to consume organisms.


The Floorfeeder generally eats Sea Reeds, but also Fanisid Horals.

Life CycleEdit

These Anikens live individually, though in their two annual mating seasons males and females gather in certain areas and release their sperm and eggs. A female typically produces fifty eggs.

Males swim below the fertilised eggs, and most stick to their backs. After they develop within a membranous sac, the offspring emerge and seek shelter under the male until half-grown.

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