Unification war
Part of the Andavronian Civil War
Date 2.431.524 AM- 3.392.999 AM
Location Aarthena Galaxy
Result Halted with ceasefire, Thregdh attacked Andavrons
High Andavronian Empire New Andavronian Republic
Admiral Kraakdere,
Vice-Admiral Cloosz,
General Idimoose,
Admiral Kudoos,
Vice-Admiral Cabrankh,
General Geordool
500 Peacemakers,
3.650.000.000 Battleships,
4.500.000.000 Cruisers, Fighters, Soldiers
120 Peacemakers, Battleship,
2.500.000.000 Cruisers,
7.500.000.000 Fighters, Soldiers
80 Peacemakers,
680.000.000 Battleships,
750.000.000 Cruisers, Fighters, Soldiers
105 Peacemakers,
700.000.000 Battleship,
850.000.000 Cruisers, Fighters, Soldiers
The numbers are estimated death counts of the available resources of the beginning of the conflict, added ships, troops and other machines have not been added to these numbers,
The civil war will resume after the Thregdh threat is over...
The Andavronian Civil War is a conflict between the High Andavronian Empire and the New Andavronian Republic.


The key members of the New Andavronian Republic attempted a military coup in 2.431.524 -- AM to seize control, when this failed they declared themselves independant to muster forces under a single banner. However, all of the members lied to their people, they disguised their revolution as a noble cause just for power and wealth.


Both sides are Andavrons, the Tikhio have assisted the High Andavron Empire on several occasions, as a payment the HAE gave them rare resources.


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