Anathema is a Gehennian living on Inferno. He is Soulbane's son, but has no loyalty to him whatsoever and spends most of his time in his island fortress, where he performs genetic experiments on unfortunate subjects.


Anathema appears as a normal Gehennian, but has grafted a third eye to his forehead.


Anathema is barely sane and exhibits strong sociopathic tendencies. Both these traits are evident in his custom-made monsters, which are horribly mutated monstrosities made from captives handed over to him and annoying Grakk. These creatures are fully aware of what has happened to them, and Anathema keeps count of how many captives he has broken in this way.


Anathema covets a position on The Seven, but his instability and lack of tactical wisdom means his promotion would be a last resort. He sometimes serves as an interrogator, but since his victims generally end up as some sort of patchwork monster, Bahamut is used most of the time. Anathema also designs monsters for Daemon armies and is the proud inventor of many Chimaerae. Anathema is currently occupied with transplanting memories of captured Rennite rebels into Reaper brains, so as to retake Styx.

In FictionEdit

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