The Amogén plague, or Numza-Volich'Bro-Itsik, is a disease created due to the lack of
Amogén plague bacteria

Amogén plague-bacteria in a blood vein.

hygiene and lack of places to dispose of waste. These factors created the killer bacteria of Gyxor, responsible for killing 20% of the total Astin population and 57% of the total Ovgul population. But despite the downsides of the plague it also created something wonderfull, new life. This life was called the Yhang.


The first symptom is that the eyewhite of the infected individual is turning blue, after 3 weeks the individual starts to get grey spots all over his body. After another week the spots start to swell and after another 3 days they start to bleed to death.


A cure was never found but the inhabitants of Gyxor adapted to the disease.

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