Ambertooth was a Gehennian, and a friend of Soulbane. He had orange-colored teeth, hence his name.


As said before, Ambertooth had orange teeth, as well as unusually large eyes. His scales were small and dense. Otherwise, he was a regular Gehennian.


Like his friend Soulbane, Ambertooth was a cruel, sadistic individual. He enjoyed torturing and killing prisoners, and often did this with Soulbane. He had caught, tortured and killed over 7,000 prisoners before his death. He was also unpredictable and aggressive.


Ambertooth was born around 2.5 million years ago. His parents mysteriously dissapeared after his birth, presumably killed. He soon started to torture Daemon prisoners, and quickly became Soulbane's 'friend'. Once, he was almost killed by a Typhon fleet, although he managed to escape.

For the next hundreds of thousands of years, he tortured various prisoners. Sometimes, he would have a temper tantrum, killing individuals and destroying nearby structures. This caused the other Gehennians to be extremely wary of him.

After finding out about Soulbane's betrayal, Ambertooth was struck with shock. He felt the Longing, and quickly became highly depressed.

When Death's Shadow was looking around Pandaemonium a few weeks after the betrayal, she walked into his home and found his dead body, with a massive, bloody hole in his chest. Ambertooth had killed himself by taking off his Gehennian armour and firing his own plasma beam into his heart.

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