Alvus ant
Alvus Ants are hive insects that live on Robus Island, on Saaristo.


They are practically identical to Earth ants, except for colouration. They are grey, to disguise themselves in the snow.


They are hive animals.



The Queen rules all the other ants. When she is ready to mate, she will pick a promising male, mate, and then kill him. It is the workers' task to raise the offspring. If one dies, the workers responsible for it are killed.


The workers are all males. It is their job to find food, look after the Queen's offspring, and maintain the hive.

Worker FemalesEdit

These workers are specifically for looking after the Queen, and her offspring until the Queen picks workers to care for them.


Workers will often go out of the hive, to retrieve lichen, and parts of shrubs. Some is brought back to the Queen, and some is distributed around the workers.


The hive is mainly under the snow, a network of tunnels, but a small mound is normally built on top, where the entrance is. The Queen scent marks her hives, and that combined with the mound helps workers find their way back to the hive in a rather featureless landscape.


They feed on the various plant matter that grows on Robus Island.


They live on Robus Island.

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