Alpha Emperor


Raptor sapiens





The Alpha Emperor was the supreme ruler of Dinoterra. He took the throne several hundred years ago. How he survived so long is a mystery. Recently, he was badly wounded by the Zyrothan champion Okor Zasrod.


Alpha's origins remain shrouded in mystery; he was at one point a common Omega, but challenged the existing Emperor for the throne, according to custom. He was somehow able to win this fight, and he took the throne. He was the de facto ruler of Dinoterra from then on.

Recently, he met the Zyrothan champion Okor in single combat, and won. However, he was badly wounded, losing much blood and one of his legs in battle. The Emperor then had an artificial leg created for himself, built by one of the greatest Raptor scientists.

Shortly after this, he went to Skrap to investigate the crash of an Irihil ship. While attempting to hire Ultima, he was shot by Seff Tintel and died.


The Alpha Emperor was cold and ruthless, willing to do anything in order to achieve his goals. He never showed emotion, leading some to speculate that he has none.

In FictionEdit

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