Alliyvan (Al-lie-vaughn) are a form of Agiliar, which are Vorician hexacrurians. They are intelligent, but not sapient.


Alliyvan are hexacrurians, so they have six limbs. These are 2 arms, 2 legs, and 2 wings. These wings allow them powered flight, despite their native planet's intense gravity. They have an extremely advanced muscular system, allowing their wings to have plenty of liftoff force.

Like its sapient counterpart, Alliyvan are carnivorous. They have very sharp teeth, which there are two rows of. These are serrated, for tearing off flesh from bone. With their high EQ of 4.5, they are very good at devising strategies and live in packs.

They have less developed eyesight than most Vorician species, but have some of the best hearing abilities, and can sense vibrations and scents very well. Their ability to smell allows them to catch scent of prey many kilometers away. Also, their hearing allows them to point out distinct sounds of prey, so they are the apex predator of the planet. They hunt almost all animals there, except for small Birnec.

They have a four-chambered heart and two lungs, and secondary pumping stations at the wings. Their blood can be re-oxygenated through spiracles at the secondary pumping stations, and about 3/5 of all of the blood flow flows from the heart to there.


Alliyvan are non-sapient, but highly intelligent. They have EQ's of 4.5, and a brain density of 1.3 times that of a human. They live in packs led by matriarchs and patriarchs, and follow a sort of system, in ranking. They can take down large prey by attacking in groups.

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