Raw alklodite

is a type of mineral found on the planet Ishtar. It is found in the Spectacular Swamp area of Ishtar. Alklodite is a mineral formed underwater and is green in coloration. Alklodite is a triboluminescent mineral, which means that it glows when struck. There are large deposits of Alklodite found in the Spectacular Swamp and is often harvested by the native salsenes.

Properties of AlkloditeEdit

  • Triboluminescent: It glows a bright green when struck.
  • Luster: The luster of Alklodite is dim.
  • Transparency: The Transparency of Alklodite is foggy, and not very transparent at all.
  • Hardness: Alklodite is not very tough, and can be chipped easily.

Value of harvested AlkloditeEdit


Raw alklodite used for manufacturing purposes

Alklodite, were it to be harvested, would probably not be a very valuable mineral. The reason or this being that Alklodite is chipped quite easily, and the sheer abundance of it makes it relatively unvaluable.

Uses for AlkloditeEdit

Alklodite is often used as cheap casing for objects.

Other minerals similar to AlkloditeEdit