Albuspinae Echidus are small herbivores that live on Robus Island, on Saaristo.


They are similar to Earth hedgehogs, except their skin and spines are white. In addition, some of the larger spines can inject a dose of mild poison. This does not kill, but can cause flesh rotting and bone weakness. It also caused intense momentary pain after injection, normally enough to discourage predators.


They are solitary, and like some other Saaristo species, can reproduce alone by producing both eggs and sperm. As such, they have no reason to contact others of their species.

When they detect a predator, either by sight, smell, hearing or vibration, they curl up into a ball. Then, if the camouflage fails, when the predator attempts to bite, and is poisoned, it will usually be deterred.


They eat shrubs and lichen.


They live on Robus Island.

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