Agiliar are the most advanced group of animals on Voricia. There are only two species of them left.


Hexacrurians, Agiliar have six limbs. On the current varieties, these have two legs, two wings, and two arms. Their wings sprout a little above where their legs sprout, allowing flight. These, due to the heavy gravity, are extremely well muscled, and only allow gliding on Vorians. The other variety has powered flight abilities, which take huge amounts of energy to sustain.

Agiliar are carnivores, feeding on hunted animals. For this task, they have sharp, serrated teeth. These are built to rip flesh off of bone, particularily that of unarmored Basnal. Their mouths then swallow with a tongue-like organ, which does not taste, but rather feels its food. It then enters a single, powerful stomach where it is digested into chyme. It is then removed of nutrients inside of an intestine.

They also have some of the highest-level senses in the Vorician biosphere, besides from their poor eyesight. They have advanced smelling, to see if water or prey is nearby. Also, their sense of vibration is very sophisticiated, but in the case of large vibrations, they can tune this sense down. They also are some of the only animals on Voricia to actually be able to hear. Due to this, they were able to develop a language and become sapient, as Vorians.

Their brains are also well developed, with the less advanced species having an encephalization quotient of 4.5, and Vorians having one of 7.5. Their brains are around 1.4 times the density of human brains. Both are around 1.2 meters tall.


There are only two Agiliar forms left.

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