Aervin Bloodspiller is a Fire Draegen that was once locked away due to war crimes. He was set free again after the Draegens were called upon for help, now he serves the Grand Draegen Space Navy as a 'Dracodis Ultimata'.

It is rumoured he has ties with the Ignus bloodline due to his similar appearance.




Aervin wears a suit of an unknown black, lightweight metal covering his entire body. It consist of over 500 parts and takes a long time to put on or off. The suit is made with such a fashion it does not hinder Aervin's flexibility. His helmet is a 'shell' covering his cranium and eyes, at the sides there are small protrusions, the sole open spot is in front of the mouth, this allows him to breathe fire. When Aervin would go into space a small transparant frame appears to keep oxygen inside the armour. The helmet can break up into smaller parts to reveal Aervin's face.


Aervin was born on Draegen Prime where he was raised as an orphan, while living with other Draegen orphans he learned of the diversity within his species. When some of the other orphans picked on him he resisted them by fighting back and after having hurt one of them seriously he was sent away. In this rehabilitation center he got along with the other Draegens who did not fit in with society and became tougher.

When he reached the age of 175 he received the notification he had to join the GDSN, during his service he apparantly killed three of his own men and was discharged and courtmartialed, he received eternal lockup unless the state would have need of him. This moment arrives when a strange race requested their aid...

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