We are death...your salvation and evolution. If you resist your ascension you will suffer...

- The voice from the Dimensional Rift on Gyxor

The Ad Mortem Cell (Mobile Death) is an empire consisting of parasitic lifeforms. Their origin and history is unknown but they became a grave threat when their excistance was made public during the siege on Gyxor. They are a threat to all organic lifeforms in the galaxy and should be eradicated.


The AMC have all kinds of forms which differs in size, appearance and lethality.


They are carnivorous but hunt their prey to gather bio-mass and intelligence.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

They are higly intelligent and become smarter as they progress on the destruction of a race.


Despite they lack fancy technology and weapons they scavenge their enemy's weapons and technology and use it against them. It is also unknown how far they are spread and therefore they could be XII- Interuniversal (, this species has explored multiple 'verses).

Military doctrineEdit

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