Acidic Ocean







The Acidic Ocean is the only large body of sustainable water on the planet Tandrigith. The water itself is acidic and highly toxic due to the large amounts of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. The life within the ocean is abstract and strange. Predatory sea-creatures known as Galneesh primarily inhabit the waters of the ocean. Their skin is stretched tightly over a skeletal body, with less skin they take in less of the unbearable heat. The main predators and prey of the Galneesh are the same, the Galneesh themselves. The Galneesh are committed to "families" that stick together to defend against rival "families" of Galneesh. The other predator that lies within the ocean are the Squams. These giant worm-like creatures are great in size but few in number. Solitary, they swim through the ocean using their highly developed sonar to pick out families of Galneesh that it can consume. The Squams have no natural predators, but breed whenever they find another of their kind (See:Reproduction in the article Squam) and have very short life spans.

The Acidic Ocean also contains virstones, which shine with the beauty of an emerald. Salsene retrieval probes have been able to gather deposits of virstones for study.

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