Achshiyarshu is the current Leseaw Empire War Leader.


Like all the War Leaders before him, Achshiyarshu believes in Leseaw's supremacy. He is strong and aggressive, but also very intelligent. He thinks before he strikes, and is a master of battle strategy. He believes all these traits make him superior to his enemies.


He is a large, well-built Wazelian, and is most noticeable for a scratch down his muzzle. The cause of the scratch is unknown.


Achshiyarshu shares a dwelling with the current Leseaw Emperor. The castle they stay in is the most well fortified building in the entire Empire.

The walls of the castle are five metres thick, and there are two sheets of hardened steel on fortifying that on the outside. The castle itself is behind two moats. Both are about ten metres across and ten metres deep, and filled to the brim with poisonous, deadly sea creatures. The only way across the first moat is by drawbridge to a strip of land in the middle. Here, there is a large armed guard, and you must pass through a metal gate twenty centimetres thick to reach the next drawbridge. Once you have crossed that, there is another armed guard, and another thick metal gate. This one slides upwards, behind which is another guard and another gate. There is another gate behind that, and then you are in the first corridor.

The corridor has only one other exit, right at the end. The walls are filled with slits, where archers can take position should the enemy somehow get in. The door at the end is another thick metal gate. Through there, you come to a labyrinth of rooms of tunnels. There are several armouries as in all castles, but they can be shut off should the enemy gain access. The War Leader and the Emperor's dwelling can also be cut of from invaders, by steel doors thirty centimetres thick.

The castle is square with four turrets. Each turret has two cannons and a catapult, along with several positions for archers. More catapults and cannons line the walls, and there are plenty of positions for archers.

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