The APBH2.0 is yet another upgrade to the APBH virus series. This is the latest update to the series of viruses and it features many differences from the APBH1.5.

Memory and SizeEdit

The memory of the two the seem quite close, although the APBH2.0 has slightly more for its size. The newer model is about half as small as the APBH1.5, and has slighly less memory, but has a significant amount for its size. This is like size comparing the 1.5 and the 1.0.


The APBH2.0 is much more lethal to other programs than the 1.5. The APBH2.0, despite its name, is now able to absorb memory and data from an AP and duplicate, and then hop into a AV. However, the APBH2.0 hardly ever makes it into an AV for one of two reasons, it is running to low on memory and must self-delete, or was deleted by another AV along the way. But if the 2.0 makes it into an AV, it usually deletes the AV and itself to make a small difference in security, in favor of viruses.

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